Monday, January 5, 2015

How to easily add DNS Reverse using Azure Powershell

Instalation of Windows Azure Powershell

Here's the easiest way to install this is to follow the steps in:Microsoft Web Platform Installer and follow the wizard's steps. If for any issues you need a complete guide: Install and Configure Windows Powershell .

How to add the DNS Reverse into a VM

In windows Azure a VM is hosted by a "Cloud Server", we will need the "name" of that "cloud Server". And the DNS Reverse Resolution name (well format name ended by a dot). I think the easiest way is to modify line 1 and 2 from the folowwing powershell script:

/*Programmer: jortega added this*/
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$CloudService="jdotex"           #Change the service name of the VM
$ReverseName="" #Ended by a dot
Set-AzureService –ServiceName $CloudService –Description "Exchange Reverse DNS" –ReverseDnsFqdn $ReverseName
And this is the result of copy&paste into a windows azure powershell console:

In the following link are more information if you want to extend your knowledge: Announcing reverse DNS for azure cloud services

Here's the test

Up and running

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