Friday, December 19, 2014

How to easily enter new code to a New blog in blogger?

Well Hi all, this is the way we can enter new code, knowing as Code any of this languages (C#,CSS,Powershell,etc). The 1st thing we need to find is the "" label in the template of the whole blog. How do we do this? "An image worth so much more than 1000 words"... Annonymous.
    List of steps in images
  1. On your list of Blogs Select the one where you need to use Programming Languages (Code)
  2. Click on "Template" ("Plantilla" in Spanish)
  3. Click on "Edit HTML" ("Editar Text" in Spanish)
  4. Now we will find the 'end tag of head', To do so let's search it using the web browser search by pressing CTRL+F and then we write the end tag "</head > ". Here we have found the end tag
  5. Now we just need to copy the following:
    Note that I have added the powershell script, in line 18, note that this is the format:

    <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

    To use it we just need to use the tag "<pre > " and give the correct brush, (you can delete all the lines (languages) that you won't use to make a cleaner deploy), I'll copy all because the "what if" I want to show some javascript or css or whatever.
    Here's an example of use:
    /*Programmer: jortega added this*/
         using System.Collections.ObjectModel; //Collection
         using System.Management.Automation;
         using System.Management.Automation.Runspaces;
         using System.Text; //stringbuilder
         using System.Security; //securestring
         using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

    Here's the full list of FILENAMEs and Languages that we can use with this solution:

    finally Copy the text into that
  7. Then just save the Template by clicking "Save Template" ("Guardar Plantilla" in spanish)
  8. Now we just need to used it
  9. Here's another example of use (HTML view, Powershell Code):
          #Lets define variables
          $a = 3 #(define a variable)
          $b = 6 #(define a variable)
          #Lets create an add of 2 variables
          $c = $a + $b
          write-output $c
          write-output "$c"
The references are: SyntaxHighlighter Here's another bunch of options to do this: LazyWinAdmin Please consider to donate and thank you very much for reading this.

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